Presentations & Seminars

I have given marriage seminars and workshops for over 15 years.  From having worked with numerous couples in different settings, I have become more passionate about the need for spouses to cultivate intimacy and specific skills that can strengthen a marriage over the different phases of life. My seminars have focused on marriage enrichment topics and interactive exercises for couples. The following are some of the topics discussed in a marriage seminar:

•  The Importance of Friendship in Marriage: Sustaining Intimacy through Life's Stages 
•  The Obstacles to and the Building of Effective Communication Skills
•  Understanding Love Languages: Giving and Receiving Love Where It Counts
•  Resolving Conflict Effectively: Principles and Techniques to Fair Fighting
•  Personality Differences Between Spouses: Using the Myers' Briggs Personality Test for Your Marriage
•  Pre-Marital Counseling: Building a Strong Foundation

Titles to some of the seminars I have recently given are:

    "Recession-Proof Your Marriage: Connecting and Communicating through Loss and Anxiety"
    •  This seminar discusses how the faltering economy with the loss of jobs and shrinking bank accounts can affect marriages by creating distance and strain between couples. It then seeks to address these dynamics by strengthening and rebuilding the friendship and communcation in the marriage. In addition to the presentation, exercises are used for couples to bolster their understanding of each other and their abilities to communicate with one another more effectively.

    "Making your Marriage Resilient: Strengthening Your Friendshp, Communication, & Love Language"
    •  This seminar focuses on 3 essential aspects in a marriage: 1. Sustaining a strong friendship in marriage through the diverse stages of life. 2. Practicing effective and healthy communication skills with our spouse, especially in times of stress and negative emotions. 3. Understanding one's own and our spouse's love language in order to give and receive love where it counts.

Please contact me if you are interested in any of these or other presentations for your church, school or organization.